TBT: Purses

Books. Purses. And I still make this face. #TBT

My mother says I was imitating animal sounds. i.e. “How does the lion sound?” She is quite certain that purse (hers from her own youth) and bookbag still exist in some box filled with my childhood mementos.

While I no longer make those sounds, I can say with certainty I make this face when I hear any of the following:

“Do these flip-flops look cute with my pant-suit?”


“I don’t vote. I don’t like politics.”


“The Internet is dead.”


“Try it. It tastes JUST like Nutella.”



Today was FINALLY Miss C’s last day of school. Virginia — especially Fairfax County — offers ridiculous school year schedules that include the “King’s Dominion” rule and weekly half-days that don’t make sense at all. All those snow days just added an extra two days, I think, which really don’t make a difference when it’s the end of June already.

She now has four friends over for a sleepover celebration, and it’s loud, chaotic, and crazy with a total of seven kids, two cats, and a dog in the house, all hyped up with summertime vibes.

Party on.

This right here is a pile of accomplishment. Kudos to my husband for taking a very detailed food order for seven selective eaters and two frenzied adults. He got everything right. He delivered fast, too!

Overheard/seen from the kitchen as the girls ate dinner: Miss C announced that Lola will be a kindergartener at the school next year. Her friends cheered, and as Lola sat there smiling, puffed up like a little bird, the soon-be-sixth graders vowed to say hello and watch out for her in the hallways.

And oh my god, Martin and I were just doing the math, trying to figure out what grade Miss C will be in when Jaz goes to kindergarten, and she’ll be in high school.

Can’t…handle…the truth..

Though he appreciates the attention from all the young ladies in our house at the moment, my son realized the 6:1 ratio was a bit overwhelming.

Best to hang out with Mom and Dad, watching cartoons and playing with the camera phone.