Off He Goes … Or Not

Off he goes into the wild blue yonder for another TDY!

One more with my favorite Airman.

He had to touch up before I dropped him off.

Getting our stretch on …

So … this morning, I told Martin┬áthat I had a feeling he wouldn’t make it to Arkansas today. After an awkward silence, followed by reassurance that his life insurance is updated, he mentioned, “All my military docs are in order in a folder in the kitchen, you know. Just in case…”

“Oh, no! Not that you are going to crash,” I clarified. “What I meant is, you aren’t even going to get off the ground. You’re going on the KC-135. They’re like the oldest aircraft in the Air Force. It’s a miracle every time there’s lift.”

AAAAAND I was right.

His plane broke before taxiing to the flight line. They put him up in billeting on Andrews. If the bird gets fixed, they fly out tomorrow morning.

My instincts are rarely wrong. These instincts have been finely honed after years of Air Force bird travel!!