We’ve been home for just over an hour, and Martin already has most of the bags unpacked and I’ve begun hosing down the children in the midst of souvenir sorting, laundry collection, and one major exhaustion meltdown from the little one. Continue reading

Waiting for the Train

Killing some time before catching our train. We’re hanging out in the Downtown Disney area since we had to check out of our place this morning, but our train doesn’t leave until later in the afternoon. I can’t believe this vacation is over and that we are now heading home. We made so many wonderful memories here.  Continue reading

Downtown Disney

Giant candy apples. Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie treats. Fudge and peanut butter cups. Pretty sure it will take a few days to finish this stuff!
Now THESE characters are his friends!!!!

TBT: Disney World

For this week’s #TBT post, I’m sharing a photo from our first Disney visit ever in 2007.

I was sent to Orlando on behalf of the Air Force to attend an annual conference for three days, so Martin & Miss C came along and we made a long, fun weekend! Miss C was three years old, which is Jaz’s age now.

Pool Time or Bust

We cut short our Hollywood Studios visit to hang out at our condo’s pool area. We had the whole place to ourselves right there on the edge of the lake. All of us were sooo exhausted by the time we went to bed. Great way to end the day!