[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]M[/dropcap]artin and the kids are in Ohio at the moment.

Miss C went out there first almost two weeks ago with the intention that she would stay a week, and then Lola would swap with her for her own week out there. But after that first week, the grandparents called our house, said everyone was having such a great time, they had no intention on sending Miss C home, and asked if we could send Lola right away.

It was hard to say no. And since Martin is back from Arkansas, he decided to drive out with the younger two and enjoy a nice vacation, too.

So, as I stay here in DC for work, I get tagged on social media with photos of my kids doing awesome things like kayaking on the Ohio River or in one of the many lakes around Cincinnati, going to amusement parks, hanging out with their cousins, shopping with their Grandma, and doing all the other things you do when you’re around family and have no worries in the world.


But don’t feel bad for me.

Oh, no.

I’m enjoying my “mom’cation.”

Make no mistake that I love my tornado of a family and all the hustle and bustle. I feed off their love and energy.


While working from home the other day, the house was so quiet that I could hear Patches Der Hund snoring in the next room.

As I prepared a dinner of my choosing using just enough to fill one plate, I noticed that the sound of the crickets in my backyard was pretty intense and wonderful.

And the time I went through drive-thru for a grilled chicken salad, it dawned on me how I just took the bag of food, put it on the seat next to me, and I simply drove away. No twisting in the seat to hand out juice boxes. No double-checking the bags so make sure there were enough straws or the correct number of kiddy prizes. I just said, “Thank you,” and I pulled out of there.

I go to the bathroom and nobody is wiggling fingers under the door.

My morning routine is 15 … maybe 20 minutes. Tops.

I cleaned up the family room, and put all the toys in the toy box, and the toys are still there. (I just got up to check. Yup. Still picked up. It’s been 48 hours.)

And my schedule is full of things for my own needs. I eat breakfast without scarfing it down. When I’ve gone off for a run or something, I didn’t have to explain to anyone why I was leaving on my own. Running errands means grabbing my bag and leaving without begging or bribing anyone else to put on their shoes and get out the door along with me.

And I’ve had the time and energy to sit down and write this blog post.

I’ve heard it so many times … one day, these are the things I will miss, but I gotta be honest … today, these little moments and actions of freedom are so awesome and refreshing. It’s allowed me to think complete thoughts, and finish up on projects around the house without distraction.

So here’s to vacations/momcations!

Hope you’re able to get away (or not!) for a break this summer, too. 🙂