Trip to IKEA

2:08 p.m. – I never realized before how aimlessly people move in IKEA. I’m here for something specific, and being by myself without chasing children, I could move with a purpose and take a direct route thru the maze. But wow! It was like being in the midst of bored, yet friendly zombies just sort of bumbling along and into each other. Fascinating.

2:20 – Waiting for my number (above). Nobody’s complaining about it either. 🙂 #momcation

2:50 pm – As Martin can attest, one of my secret talents is the ability to get huge, unyielding pieces of furniture into small vehicles. I’ve done this in both in Europe and here in the States. I’ve stunned my husband, my father, and skeptical warehouse workers. We are talking washing machines, sofas, bookshelves, etc.

Today, I had twin-bed mattress slats, which are super easy; I just put the seat down and slid them in from the back door. It took less than a minute. Yet the lady who offered to help me was impressed. “You figured that out pretty quick,” she said. To which I answered, “Haven’t you ever had a small purse crammed with everything you need? We figure these things out everyday!”