End of the Visit

Martin and the kids are on their way home as I type this. Last night during our phone conversation, one girl seemed a bit resigned and the other girl burst into tears at the idea of leaving their grandparents and endless days of kayaking, amusement parks, limitless Nutella jars, shopping sprees and whatever else my family lavished on them.

I think it’s gonna take more than a week to re-integrate them and bring ’em back to earth. Because the rest of the world is NOT LIKE GRANDPA & GRANDMA’S HOUSE, you guys!!!! It’s just not!! 😉

PS – My sister Jill sent me this snapshot of a picture on her camera. It’s my son Jaz being gleefully terrorized by his cousin Miss J. His face. That expression. That’s a boy who has accepted his fate of being surrounded by nutty women.

Love it.