Martin thinks I’m too distracted lately, and can’t seem to focus. When talking to him, I often stop mid…

…Did I sign that permission slip for Miss C last night? I think I f…


…Who from our family downloaded the Van Halen tunes on my phone?

This is how my brain works all the time.


Photo of Patches Der Hund from last year

I’m here scheduling a vet appointment for Patches Der Hund, and because she’s about eight years old (we got her as a rescue, so we can’t be sure), she’s considered a senior/geriatric puppy. So, she’s got more gray, a little extra weight, doesn’t like to run as fast … can’t we just call her DISTINGUISHED?

Happy Birthday, Jill!

This cutie-patootie is now a loving wife and mother of two little girls, a super-fun awesome auntie to my three, a step-grandma to one (hahahahahaha!), a hardworking police detective for all, a kick-ass friend to many, and one of my most favorite sisters ever. She’s also celebrating a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jill!


Our bedroom looks like a home improvement store exploded into it, but our master bathroom is completely empty and completely repainted. Tomorrow will be new flooring, new sink, and other updates. Until then, Martin and I are crashing on the pull-out bed in the family room. He’ll watch a movie while I surf Pinterest for other home improvement ideas. You know, since we’re on a roll …

Orange and Black

Because the Cincinnati Bengals were just named the NFL’s best team, my #TBT picture today shows the only time in my entire life I ever donned orange and black, and you can see here it was part of a coordinated group effort generated from way above my pay grade during a Super Bowl frenzy.

Missed Opportunity

Last night, as I was running my fingers through Miss C’s hair, thinking to myself how fast she’s growing up, I said outloud, “Your hair is going to be sooo fun to style for prom.” This made her smile, and she asked if I would style it for her when the time came.

“Sure!” I said. “I used to style my friends’ hair for prom all the time.”

“You did?” she asked.
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Listening/watching my son play with his toy robot is one of the highlights of my day. His imagination and contentment is so awesome. (Photo from Sept. 4, 2014)

Flea Market

Flea market shopping with some of my fave people today — my friend Stacey and her girls. There were some GREAT vintage clothes there. If only I had unlimited funds and giant closets, ya know?!?!