A Little Finality

My three monkeys during our trip to Florida last week.

It is fitting that today is Labor Day, the final summer holiday, because there’s definitely been a sense of finality around here.

For one, I’m finally sitting down to blog.

We finally went to Disney World last week.

School finally begins tomorrow, and Lola could not be more excited. She’s finally going to be a student, a bonafide academic.

It will be Miss C’s final year in elementary school. Trying to stay busy so I don’t dwell on the fact that Miss C begins sixth grade and Lola will be in kindergarden.

But it’s so hard, because whenever I look at them, I just see them as those two sweet babies from just a few years ago, when it was just the three of us all day everyday. *sniffle*

It was the final day of the farmer’s market just a few minutes from our house, meaning all that was left of the summer produce were some peaches and apples. (Not a bad thing. Miss C and I walked off with three bags full of them.)

One season is ending. Another season beginning.

But first, a little reflection. All this week, I’m going to post about our trip to Disney World, which was wonderful, chaotic, adventuresome, hilarious, and most of all, memorable.

And then, it’s onward into a new month. And more blogging. Autumn has always been my most favorite season of all, and I’m really excited for all the things that are ahead of us.