Off To a Good Start

Miss C, Lola, and Jaz in his superhero pose.

The girls started school.

It was a pretty big deal for many reasons. The biggest, perhaps, was that Lola officially … finally … became a bonafide student! She was sooo ready for kindergarden. The entire week before we left for Disney World, she wore her backpack — stuffed with all the school supplies we bought for her — around the house. Practice, she called it. Frankly, she’s been practicing for a long time already, and her enthusiasm that morning was infectious.

Miss C started sixth grade and her new job as one of her school’s “anchorwoman” for the morning announcements, reading the school’s updates and lunch schedule over the closed-circuit television system there. She had to report to school a little earlier than usual to get trained and set up, but she didn’t mind.

This marks the first — and last — year my girls will be in the same school together at the same time. Miss C will go to middle school next year, and due to their age difference, Miss C will be graduating high school just as Lola gets into middle school, too.


So, it was especially poignant to watch these two walk to school together. (All five of us made the trek to school that morning.) As we got closer to the school, and into the mix of other families and kids, Miss C leaned over and began whispering in Lola’s ear. I was close enough to hear them.

“You see that girl over there?” asked Miss C.  “That’s Megan. She’s in fifth grade now. She was at Ashley’s party earlier this summer. Remember her? She was the one who had all the My Little Ponies.”

Without hesitating, Lola smiled and waved, yelling, “Hi, Megan! It’s good to see you again!”

It was both touching and hysterical.

The only hard part to dropping off Lola was pushing thru the gaggle of parents who hovered at the classroom door trying to get one last glimpse of their kids. Once we broke free, we walked outside the building and straight to her first floor classroom window to watch her. Had the whole place to ourselves.

It’s still unreal to Martin and me that we now have two school-aged children, but we couldn’t be more proud of our girls. I think this is going to be an exciting and important school year for the both of them, and I’m glad they’re facing it together.


I asked him, “Jaz, are you ready to have Dad all to yourself during the day now?” This was his response.
Martin sent me this picture when he picked them up at the end of the school day.



4 thoughts on “Off To a Good Start

  1. My daughter is just starting 1st grade at the same school (I saw Miss C’s pic in the yearbook that she goes through so much I’m surprised it’s still in one piece!). We loved her K experience there. Loved. I couldn’t have asked for a better first year – who did Lola get? We had LG, and my daughter adored her.

  2. Yes! We love DP and all the teachers our oldest had over the years. Lola loves her new teachers, especially KS. She comes home every day eager to share the newest thing she’s learned. 🙂

  3. So, funny thing, I saw your kids and Martin at CFA last night, and it was very odd. Lol. I feel like I know them since I stumbled across your blog several years ago, yet realized they had no idea who I was, so I said nothing because… Awkward. Had you been there, I would have introduced myself!

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