Photo Memory

Martin and Jaz, October 2014. Jaz is three.

[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]I[/dropcap] was going through the photos I took this past weekend and I had to stop when I came to this one of Jaz asleep on Martin’s shoulder.

I instantly recognized that it looks very much like a photo I took in May 2006 of Miss C and Martin at a local Relay for Life event. So I pulled it up and confirmed that yes, my kids make the same face when they are asleep and yes, my memory is still sharp despite decades of irregular sleep patterns, skipping the fish oil pills, parenthood, and all that jazz.

Martin doesn’t understand how my brain is able to work this way, and it drives him nuts. I can recall a single photo I took nearly ten years ago, but I can’t recall where I last put my favorite pair of shoes. (Maybe downstairs by the door? My closet? Under my bed?)

This drives him nuts.

But come on. Look at these photos! How could I ever forget these sweet little faces? 🙂

Martin and Miss C in May 2006. She was two and a half.