Bring Your Parent to Work


[dropcap style=”color: #9b9b9b;”]I [/dropcap] took my mother to work with me earlier this week. She commuted with me via car, Metro subway, and taxi, got to sit in my office, shake hands with my supervisor, chit-chat with my coworkers, and take in the view of the Capitol Building from the top floor. She also met up with one of her childhood friends from her small Texas hometown. They first met in first grade and stayed classmates all through high school. Now, her friend works just two blocks away from my office, one of the folks responsible for the Capitol Dome restoration.

Small world, right?

Frankly, I think there should be a National Take Your Parent to Work day, just like the day for children, but for the ones who raised you. (After I typed that, I googled it. It’s an actual thing for millenials.) I think my mother got a kick out of seeing what it is I do, where I spend my hours, how frenetic the pace here is in Washington DC.

I made plans with her to do it again with my new job in Germany. 🙂


My mother and I were going through my closet, and as she pulls out one of my print shirts, I said, “I bought that before realizing it’s a little too old-lady for me.”

And she goes, “Sweetie, you’re over 30 now. I think it’s just fine.”