Cemeteries, Sarcasm, and a Snow Queen

Even Jaz was asking questions about Great-great grandpa Liberat.


My Dad started taking us to cemeteries shortly after the divorce. I realize that sounds pretty dark, but he was merely being resourceful. Money was tight, so frequent trips to the movies or zoo were out of the question. So, rather than have the three of us kids be restless and cramped in his small apartment on the weekends he had us, he decided to share his passion for history and fact-finding by driving us around to local cemeteries to find relatives, interesting tombstones, and remnants of the Civil War defenses put up in that area. Then, if we found any cool names, dates, or trends (like a group of people all dying around the same time), we headed over to the county library to research obits on Microfiche.

So, a trip to the a cemetery with my dad was in order on our farewell tour. Continue reading