The Farewell Tour

The kids in downtown Cincinnati


Miss C and I tried to calculate how many times we made the trip out to Ohio since we first moved back to the United States in 2005. We couldn’t come up with a number, just an estimate. Between the family trips, the individual visits, and all my Air Force Reserve travel, we think the trip (from DC and back) was made between 40 to 50 times. Maybe even closer to 55 if we include the times I traveled by air.

That’s a lot of road trips. A lot of visits. A lot of extended weekend visits to attend baptisms, weddings, or other events, celebrate holidays, to welcome new babies, to honor loved ones who left us, to just reunite and spend time together.

This past week was a little bit of all of that as it was probably our last visit to Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky before our move to Germany due to the uncertainty of our move date. Needless to say, we crammed in so much, making the most of our time to visit with loved ones, to see the sites, and get our fill of all the things that are unique and wonderful about this part of the world.

This week, I’ll be posting about this visit, to reflect the things we did and experienced. There was just so much going on, so much activity every single day, it was impossible to share as it was happening. Even though there was definitely an element of sadness to this visit, it was also very condensed with love and friendship, and affirmation that we can go anywhere in the world, but THIS place is where we are rooted. This is where my history begins, where nearly every street and neighborhood has a personal story or connection, but most especially, this is where we have people who love us and claim us like no other people on this Earth.

And even though none of them were born and raised here, my husband and kids know this. When I asked the girls what Cincinnati means to them, they simply said, “Family.”

It was our last visit for now, but heaven knows we’ll definitely be back.



As for today, my coworker Sally can’t leave work until someone on high sends an email. Though the rest of the office is a ghost town, we are throwing an inbox cleaning/loose ends organizing party while waiting for that email!