I’ve dedicated today to emptying out my closet and packing my bags.

I need more coffee.

We found out the other day we’ll be able to check up to 20 bags at no charge for the flight to Germany. (Four bags per person, five person family…)

Martin was like, “That’s crazy. Who needs 20 bags of checked luggage?”

I just stirred my coffee and pretended I didn’t hear him.

Martin: “You’re using one bag just for shoes?”

Me: “I know, right? I’m amazed I got it down to ONE!!”

Martin: “Not what I meant….”


The girls found my old set of keys. My guess is from 1999-2000.

There’s a picture of super skinny Martin and me in that Kings Island fob. Martin is also sporting a center-part bowl cut.

They got such a kick out of that. LOL