Painting. Painting. And more painting.

We’ve been living in a hotel for more than a week. It feels like we’ve been here much longer than that, though. It’s all been a blur. We checked into the hotel the day the movers drove off with all our belongings. The next day, we enjoyed a nice day of swimming in the hotel pool and visiting with friends, but Martin and the younger two were feeling a bit under the weather.

Initially, the folks at the clinic (where we took Jaz since his asthma flared up) thought it was a shared upper respiratory infection. But within 48 hours, all three of them got worse: high fever, body aches, coughing, and looking like death warmed over. All of them were miserable, but Jaz was the worst of them. His asthma was raging, and it was scary enough for us to take him to the clinic a second time. That’s when they tested and confirmed the illness they were all sharing was the flu: specifically, the strain that was not included in this year’s vaccine.

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