Paint Work on Christmas Eve

The man is a machine. German-engineering at its finest.

We got the estimate two days ago for how much it will cost to have folks come in and paint our house. Though feverish and helpless in our hotel room, Martin took one look, raised his fists, and defiantly yelled, “NOOOOOOOO! We will paint the house OURSELVES!!”

Less than 48 hours later, he broke his fever, dashed to Lowes for paint purchased with a military discount, and last night, we began painting all the rooms in our house.

Who knew a paint estimate works better than Vitamin C!?!

With the three of us — Martin, Miss, and me — we kept moving at a great pace. I handed Crayons to the other two, and they decorated one of the bedrooms, which will be painted last.

Good times. Good times.

We even spent Christmas Eve painting, although I took a break with the kids for a dinner at IHOP. (I’m going to miss that place so much!)

Intense game of tic-tak-toe at IHOP, which is a happening place this Christmas Eve!