We Made it to Germany

We had the back of the plane all to ourselves! We are the last two rows of three before the three-three-three rows start. Sort of like first-class, but in reverse. đŸ˜‰ Comfy, excited, thrilled, exhausted, happy, amazed, and ready!

We are finally at our hotel here in Stuttgart after such an adventure! Our 25-minute flight from Frankfurt was delayed by 50 minutes, only 8 of our 17 bags arrived to Stuttgart, and after the hour it took to file those claims, we arrived at the car rental place to learn they gave away our reserved minivan because we were two hours late to pick it up. Yikes!!

The good news?!

1) The fact we didn’t have all our bags meant we could rent a sedan since MOST of the bags will eventually (hopefully) all be delivered to our hotel by the airline. Sweet!

2) All the animals did great. Reuniting with Patches was great and we are all happy to be together again.

3) My new coworker Alana greeted us at the airport with a giant laundry basket full of goodies to include food, toiletries, and real German beer for Martin and me!

4) Our hotel rooms ARE joined by a shared door after all! Our two rooms are like one big suite.


5) We’re in Germany. No complaints here.

Oh, and I almost forgot …

6) The hotel was playing Depeche Mode in the lobby when we walked in.


Funny moment from earlier …

I was putting the girls back to bed at about 4:15 am. I offered to leave the television on for them at a low volume, just so the room wouldn’t seem so dark, but Miss C declined.

“Pretty sure the things on there right now aren’t appropriate for kids,” said Miss C. “We were watching the cartoons, but then it changed. Even the commercials. I wasn’t sure what was being said exactly, but I know those ladies really wanted us to call now.”