Big Day



Big day today.

My car arrived early!! Upon inspection, we discovered a stowaway. A tiny little toy figurine that I suspect was planted by a small, swift child when we shipped the vehicle from Baltimore. Oh, the story that toy could tell!!!

Not only did my Honda arrive almost a month early, but Jaz and Martin visited Jaz’s new kindergarten. (Kindergarten is preschool over here.)

All German teachers. All German kids. All German language. Continue reading

Snow Flakes


It’s snowing big, fat snowflakes today!

And it is sticking. Gonna be a winter wonderland again.

Photo taken (as passenger) on my commute today.

Gonna Be Fine

Can you see Lola just beaming in the center of this photo? Her social calendar is already filling up each weekend with birthday party invitations.


We’ve been here less than a month, and Lola’s already attending her first birthday party! Martin just texted me that they met four other kids/parents from her kindergarten class at the Base Exchange (which is like the military’s version of Walmart/Target), all shopping for last-minute birthday gifts.

I think we fit in just fine here.

IKEA in Germany

The IKEA customer service lines in Germany are just as long and slow as they are in America. However, they do serve this with the meatballs in the cafe over here.


The Racer

Ever feel like you are catching a glimpse of the future?

Over here, 15-year-olds can drive mopeds without a license after taking a written test. I haven’t told any of them yet.