Big Day

These two ladies had their first day of school in Germany yesterday. Back in September, I pointed out that given their age difference, this is the only year the two will attend the same school together. That remains true even here in Germany since the middle and elementary schools are in the same building. That won’t be the case next year when a new elementary building opens up, but for now, a little unexpected blessing allowing these two to face all of this change together.

So, just as we did nearly every first day of school in Virginia, the five of us all went together as a family.  The school’s main counselor met us at the front door, and gave us a brief tour. We dropped off Miss C first in the middle school section. Standing there in the shiny linoleum hallway lined with lockers, we fist-bumped our smiling tween and watched as she walked away with the middle school counselor to find her locker and head to her first class.

Then we headed over to the elementary part of the building to drop off Lola. This area was also bright and cheerful, lined with wooden cubbies full of scarves, coats, and Disney backpacks. As we got closer to the classroom doors, I felt Lola slow her stride and grip my hand just a wee bit tighter. I admit as the counselor pulled open the door and I saw the class of kindergardeners sitting in a circle in the middle of the room, I, too, felt the butterflies in my own stomach.

As we entered the room, all those kids turned their faces to us, and as the counselor introduced us to her teacher, and announced that Lola was a new student joining the class, I could see a few of the little girls break into excited little smiles. I wanted to burst into tears of gratitude on the spot.

At the end of the school day, the girls talked nonstop about their awesome first day as they climbed into our car. As we pulled away from the school, Lola paused just long enough to wave out the window to a new friend who was walking home with her mother.

Miss C thought her teachers were pretty funny and cool. She ate lunch with a few other girls — “Some of them were seventh graders, Mom!!” — all who were very friendly and helpful to her.

Lola said she really liked being able to paint in her art class, and that even though most of the kids forgot her name throughout the day — “They called me “New Kid” a lot!” — they all wanted to know about Washington DC, especially since many of them visited there before.

I was so happy and relieved to hear they each had fantastic days!

And grateful that we will now have some sort of routine to our days again.


Jaz also had a big day. He and Martin went to the barbershop to get some much-needed haircuts. Last time in Ohio, Jaz was less than pleased by the salon experience, and he cried the whole time.

THIS time, he was so cool. I think seeing his Dad in the mirror getting the same haircut helped alleviate any concerns. There were also a lot of other men in the shop, and all of them wore the same mild expression as they got haircuts, too. So Jaz buckled down, put on his game face, and politely obeyed the stylist’s directions as she cleaned up his look.

So proud of my big boy! 🙂