TBT: Dad and His Girls

Two pictures for today’s #TBT post. The top photo was taken in the fall of 1990 with my Dad Larry and sisters. The bottom was taken in the same spot in 2014 during our last visit to Cincinnati before the move to Germany.

No matching this time, but definitely color-coordinated. It took about 50 texts to make it so. (“Would you say your cardigan is more pink than maroon?” “Are we going pastel or jewel tones?” “What’s Dad wearing again?”)

My Dad is having hip replacement surgery next week. Though he was a cross-country runner as a teen and young adult, the general consensus is that he got the damage after years and years of pulling us kids over the hills of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in our bike trailer. No doubt all the walking, hiking, and exploring we did over the years contributed, too.

So, yeah, parenthood is literally a pain in the ass for him, but I hope he knows that all those memories of such an active, outdoorsy childhood mean the world to me. Now he’ll be bionic, and after a few weeks of rehab, will be able to comfortably resume all the kayaking and walking museum tours his retired heart desires.


It is this young man’s first official day of German kindergarten, and he woke up at 6 am sooooo excited!

After arriving there, as we took off his coat and boots, two little boys came up and introduced themselves, took his hand, and led him to the playroom while pointing out the German words for various things.

Now, Martin and I are home, waiting for our furniture to arrive, a little disoriented by the silence of an empty house.


While unpacking some items, I looked out the window and saw that someone drew three hearts and L-O-V-E in the snow in our neighbor’s yard.


It is freezing cold and snowing off and on today as five movers haul our stuff into the house. We already discovered some damaged furniture items (to be expected). And school called: we had to pick up this girl, who is the fourth child from her class to leave with a fever. But as soon as she walked into her room and saw a lot of her things (to include her new dream bed), I could tell she felt a lot better already. Challenging day, but closer to home!