Weekend Update

FYI: this kid is a cutie-patootie.


My biggest regret throughout this whole move is that I failed to pack and carry with us cans of Cincinnati chili. I am stunned by my lack of planning. We have some on the boat with all our household goods, but we still have a few weeks before things get here. Today would have been perfect for some three-ways!


Martin¬†tried. Really, he did. But nope. He’s fast asleep on the couch right now.
So, I’m officially declaring Super Bowl XLIX a nonevent for us because it’s almost 1 am over here, and even I’m exhausted by a great weekend spent with new neighbors, great food, great beer, painting rooms, sled riding, and exploring our area … not all at the same time, of course.

Good night, and enjoy the guacamole, American friends!