History & His Story

I discovered this adorable little video clip on my computer this evening. I recorded it just a few days before the movers came to our house in Northern Virginia, before all of us were swept up in the whirlwind of the international move. I recorded it, and then just as promptly forgot about it.

But when I watched it again, I remembered.

We ate chocolate ice cream for dinner that night, and Jaz insisted he sit on my lap the whole time. The topic of conversation was George Washington. Not uncommon, being a DC family with an annual pass to Mt. Vernon. I found his version of the ‘cherry tree’ story to be so amusing. So, I flipped open the laptop, hit record, and let him talk. My tousled hair and smeared make-up in the video is a sure sign that I had napped on the couch that evening. Not uncommon, having a 90-minute commute twice a day nearly every day.

So glad I’m not making that commute anymore.

And so glad I found this again.