Turn Up the Volume


Got to ride in the back of a convertible this evening.

By the end of the ride, my hair had a lot more volume than it did in the beginning.


We learned earlier this week that Miss C made the Honor Roll at school, and unfortunately, I’m going to miss the awards presentation today. Thankfully, Martin and her siblings will be there to record it for me with photos and video. And she knows I’m so super proud of her, especially since this school quarter was a tough one. 

In addition to the overseas move, there was a bit of a learning curve all around since the schools here use a different curriculum. New home, new routines, new friends, new teachers with different expectations and ways of doing things … there were some really overwhelming moments along the way, but she stayed focused and worked soooo hard to keep her grades up. 

And I must let it be known that I was not an honor roll kid. In fact, I think my parents had that “My kid beat your honor roll kid’s ass” sticker on the back of the minivan. My math grades always made me ineligible. And Martin had to repeat two grades because he kept failing English. Miss C is setting the example of academic achievement for the rest of us!!!