Carola Got Married

Martin’s sister Carola got married this weekend. These things happen, of course, even when it feels like only yesterday that she was fourteen years old and a bridesmaid in my own wedding.

Carola and Christian during our wedding in 2002.

Alas, it is true, Carola is grown up now, and in a traditional German Catholic wedding, she married Steffen, a nice young man we first met shortly after moving over here in January, and again when the couple visited us at our home last month. They’ve been together for awhile, and were planning to marry last year, but moved the wedding for after our move so Martin, her oldest brother, could walk his little sister down the aisle.

Her dad — Martin’s stepfather — passed away 16 years ago, so it was important for her that Martin was there. All the kids — Miss C, Lola, Jaz, and our nieces — were a part of the wedding party.

I, of course, took a few photos, too.



My kids lit up the dance floor. In our family, a wedding reception is a place to unleash the joy and celebrate the occasion through music. It’s tradition. It’s culture. It’s family. That lack of inhibition, however, is incredibly American, and even though I claimed they inherited their dance moves from their father, I heard whispers.

“Oh, those kids … they got that from their mother.”

I couldn’t be more proud.

And the video I captured is even more entertaining with Euro house music dubbed over…

These two are stealing the show. Crazy Americans always tearing up the dance floor.


Eventually, our Italian cousins joined us on the dance floor, too, and by the end of the evening, my German nieces and some of Steffen’s family were busting moves on the dance floor, too.

At one point, Miss C, Graziella , and I did the entire “Thriller” routine on the dance floor. To my knowledge, not a single German recorded the event.

Just doing our part to ensure positive international relationships.

Some coffee as we wait for cake!



My wingman!!! My sister-in-law Tabea.


My sister-in-law Carola and her husband Steffen.

We noticed our new brother-in-law was eating his dinner alone, so we ganged up on him.
He is O-U-T!