Family Farm

Martin took Lola and Jaz with him today to visit with family who live an hour away from us. They didn’t get home until late, and Jaz was already asleep. I went to kiss him goodnight, but recoiled in horror because his face, hair, clothes, shoes…everything smelled like a horse.

“You mean, a cow,” said Martin, when I asked why my son smelled like a barn animal. “He smells like a cow because he was around cows all day.”

As it turns out, Martin’s cousins are farmers with more than 200 cattle and 600 acres of corn and grass, and Lola and Jaz got to pet, feed, get licked, and nudged by cows, bulls, and three-day-old calves as they explored the farm.

I am soooo grateful my kids are having these awesome experiences.

I’m also grateful for hot water, soap, and laundry detergent.



While her siblings were gone, I had dinner with my oldest. She really likes her cheese.