Flashback Friday: Miss C’s Fabulous Makeover


This girl went to her “end of the year” school dance this evening. Since it began in the late afternoon, while I was still at work, she got herself ready. The dance followed a beach theme, so she picked out her favorite summer dress, strappy summer shoes, and a seashell necklace. She also added [adorable] blue streaks in her hair to complement the blue in her dress.

Martin texted me a photo.

I insisted she wear a cardigan, too. It’s chilly over here in Germany. It was warm for awhile there, but now it’s rainy, slightly windy, and just chilly. Those shoulders look chilled. She resisted, but I pulled the “mom card” and she compromised with this gray one. I’m a mom, and that’s what we do, and I can’t stand how grown up she looks now.

Anyway, she went on her merry way, had a blast, and came back home at a reasonable hour only to announce that a young gentleman asked her to dance during one of the slow songs: her first dance with a boy! (She gave me permission to share that news, by the way.)

According to her, this young man approached her and politely asked if he may have this dance with her. She accepted, hands on shoulders, and they swayed to the music while talking about their families, mainly about their siblings. Then the song ended, and he thanked her for the opportunity, and then they joined their separate groups of friends, and danced the night away.

Doesn’t that sound like the sweetest thing?

I also just noted she had texted her dad during the dance with a pic: “I don’t know why but mom said I should bring a cardigan and now I am sweating like kray kray.”

Can’t believe how quickly this little lady is growing up. For today’s Flashback Friday, I’m sharing a post from 2005 when I documented her first foray into make-up. You can read all about it HERE.