Prom and Photos


got to tag along and take photos for my American friends as they sent their daughters off to prom. I’ve always been curious as to how the American kids celebrated this tradition over here in Europe.

In many ways, it’s just the same: gorgeous dresses, nice tuxedos, limos, parents taking way too many photos and trying not to cry. Also? It makes me crazy to think that these young people were born the same year I went to prom myself for the first time. WHAT? RIGHT?!

As for my own prom photos, I had two cheap throw-away cameras that fit in my purse, the kind you had to wind with that little wheel after each pic, and also push a button and wait for the flash to load, making that energized sound, sort of like dialing into AOL. I am ANCIENT.

Anyway, this is a pic I snapped of the group taking a group selfie. So cute, right?