Great News for America

You get a recognized marriage!

And WE get a recognized marriage! And YOU! And YOU! AND YOU! WE ALL GET A RECOGNIZED MARRIAGE! YEA!!! And I’m really glad my expat friends can now move to America with their spouses if they wish!!

This is me reading all the posts today, especially those shared by my gay friends, my Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) friends, and my gay HHS friends who are probably the wittiest of them all. What a week, right?!?!


Earlier today, unrelated to the Supreme Court decision, my boss and I were sitting in a video conference with some other military offices. It involved an Air Force officer relaying some information to the rest of us, and on our video screen, we could see him sitting at a long conference table surrounded by others with only their notepads, pens, and coffee mugs on the table within the video screen.

At one point, we noticed this palm-size dark object race across the conference table. At first, I thought it was a Blackberry that got flung across the table on accident, but nope … it was something breathing. We could hear the room’s occupants gasp, mumble, shriek, and we saw a flurry of hands grab their notepads, mugs, and pens up and off the table before being pulled out of the screen. All of a sudden, a giant hand sprang forward into the shot and slammed down on the object.

Without breaking his pace, the Air Force officer said, “I also want it to be known that it was the Special Forces guy who came in and just took out that threat. Also, a new item for next year’s budget will probably be for an exterminator.”

They didn’t define what it was, but it was enough to get most of the room to recoil. Who says office life is boring?