Trip to the Dentist


Most mornings, this is a delicious cappuccino. This morning, with a chipped tooth and exposed nerve, it is a full cup of ABSOLUTELY NOT. It will have to wait until after my visit with the dentist.


My translator filling out my dental forms. My German vocabulary for this kind of discomfort is limited to expletives. He’s probably checking “allergic to all anesthesia” so that I can test out that vocabulary…

He would totally do that, too! (Fortunately, that wasn’t the case this time. They numbed half my face. I just slur like a drunk now.)


My translator/husband is also my personal paparazzo.


I usually prefer food and wine when we go out without the kids, but a trip to the dentist is more fun when he’s there with me. Now, I get to take my new smile, numb face, and temporary lisp to work!

The appointment went well, and now I have to wait for feeling to return to my face/mouth before I can eat/drink normally.

But the fasting is probably good for me.