New Friends

I just spent a wonderful evening with new friends here in Spain.

My friend Jodi is also here with me, and she is working with a Spanish military officer who invited Jodi and me to have dinner with his family at his home, and oh my goodness, they were so delightful.

Delicious, homemade food, and even better conversation, especially since their two teens helped translate. It was a treat to break away from work and spend time with such a sweet family.

Weekend Update and a Birthday

When I was a kid, staying at my Aunt Eileen’s house meant French toast with powdered sugar for breakfast.

The tradition continues over here in Germany at Tante Julie’s house! We had our nieces visit with us over the weekend, and I loved getting up early and preparing breakfast for them.

My niece drew my portrait. Though we don’t share DNA, she clearly favors me.

Cousins playing with pumpkin guts!

Cherry streusel and coffee for this birthday boy! Happy Birthday, Martin!