Stuttgart Fest

High above Stuttgart at the volksfest!

We made it through SIX hours of fest fun: crazy rides, bright lights, avoiding the glassy-eyed drunks, house party music, laughing at those getting arrested, sugared almonds, popcorn, crepes, playing games, and having a blast!

We are exhausted.

This was hilarious. As both girls were waiting to get onboard the Ferris wheel, these two German gents in lederhosen came up to serenade them with a lovely ’80s rock ballad. They can’t possibly appreciate it now, but clearly they take after their mother.

Lola came up to us and announced “Those guys were goofy!” while Miss C leaned over and whispered, “I think they were a little bit drunk.”

He found a motorcycle on one of the rides!
She went on this ride all by herself. She loved it! We could hear her laughing the whole time.
Who are these big kids?!? *sigh*
He got me a gingerbread heart!


This gingerbread treat was a lot softer than I remember them to be! I think they ARE meant to be eaten. I’m not joking: a long-term career plan is to become one of the first American distributors with my brother-in-law’s gingerbread company. I anticipate excellent sales in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Milwaukee, especially.


That moment when you let your little sister take the wheel…