TBT: New Years Eve

Today’s #TBT photo is from December 31, 2012, when everyone in my family crashed well before midnight back in Northern Virginia, and I welcomed the new year all by myself. I wasn’t even sad about it: more bubbly for ME! This year, we’re celebrating with family here in Germany, and they go ALL OUT.

I doubt anyone will be able to fall asleep this time.

TBT: Christmas Angel

Today’s #TBT photo is proof that Christmas tinsel can make even the most precocious child appear angelic. This photo was taken with my sisters Jill and Jinger in December 1987 after my stellar performance in the annual Christmas pageant at my Catholic elementary school in Northern Kentucky.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Back Up

Photo with my crazy kids from July 2015.


I swear, these people at work know exactly how to drive up my anxiety.

“So, the power may go out in the building at some point in the next hour. We don’t know when exactly, or if it’ll even happen, and it shouldn’t fry your computer, but whatever you are working on, just be sure it’s saved, okay?”

TBT: Christmas in Germany

Today’s #TBT photo is from Christmas Eve 1999, the first holiday I spent with Martin and his family in Erlangen, Germany. I have no idea what Martin’s doing with that pillow, but I do remember there was glühwein that evening, and gifts, and real candles in the Christmas tree. The next day, we drove to Paris for the New Year’s celebration into 2000, and then a few days after that, I returned to the United States for Air Force basic training, and you know the rest of the story.

Christmas Cookies

I am the worst at math. I mixed all the ingredients for 4 dozen peanut butter blossom cookies, but after taste-testing with Martin, there’s only enough batter remaining for 4 cookies.

Martin had a spoonful, then I had a spoonful, and then he had another two, and then I took two … it spiraled out of control.

Okay, okay…I managed to get two batches of peanut butter blossoms into the oven! We’ve got cookies now.


Nerding Out

Our little village held a Christmas market this evening. Glühwein, goulash, carolers, and crafts. We nerded out in the middle of it when the International Space Station floated over our village. It was so bright and easy to spot!

Martin the American

Martin is now an American citizen. 

His naturalization ceremony took place yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio in the beautiful Union Terminal. About a dozen friends and family attended to show support.

This happened exactly 16 years, 5 months, 28 days after Martin first met me. Whereas I was simply born on Texas soil, Martin’s path to citizenship featured lots of twists and turns, and countless delays or pauses that stretched on over the years, spanning three countries. Continue reading