First Beethoven Concert

My girl began violin lessons about ten weeks ago. The other day, her music teacher pulled Martin aside to tell him that Lola is displaying a level of commitment and passion he doesn’t usually see at this age. He said when he shows her something new, she comes back the following week ready to play it back to him, and it is clear she is practicing. He thinks she would do well if she wants to bump up her music training.

Last night, she and I attended the symphony for some Beethoven for a Girls Night that I planned weeks ago.

It became an opportunity to see if this is really her jam.

The night before, I surprised her with a gift box containing a new outfit and tickets to the concert. She was so excited. Ever since Google did a Doodle celebrating Beethoven’s birthday in December, she’s wanted to attend a Beethoven concert.

So, the next day, we got dressed up, went downtown for dinner, and then made our way to the concert hall where we enjoyed Beethoven’s 4th Symphony followed by Stravinsky’s Pulcinella.

Lola was impressed and captivated. If she wasn’t clutching my arm to whisper and point things out to me, she was sitting at the edge of her seat, tapping her foot to keep time along with the music.

During intermission and after the performance, we were approached by more than a few other attendees who were so tickled by her enthusiasm and joy.

“I could see her from my seat,” remarked one man in German. “It was very entertaining to watch her. She clearly really enjoyed the music.”

Yes, she did.

We had dinner at our favorite pizza and pasta place downtown.


We were so close to the stage! She was able to see all the musicians and even waved to the visiting opera singers.