TBT: My Birth Day

Today’s #TBT photos were taken exactly 35 years ago today, just moments after I was born in Abilene, Texas. My mother Tawana was still in surgery, having developed preeclampsia (now known as HELLP Syndrome) that nearly killed the two of us. The Polaroid shows the first moment my father Larry saw me (as he wasn’t able to be in the operating room), and a photo was snapped and then promptly sent off to Northern Kentucky to his mother, who herself was in the final stages of breast cancer. The photo and the card she wrote welcoming me to the world was returned to my baby album when she passed away a week later. The other photo was taken when my mother was waking up from surgery and seeing me for the first time, too.

It was a fitting entrance into the world: dramatic, risky, surrounded by love and family both near and far, and all thoroughly documented. It’s also how I would describe my life journey so far, and I’m extremely grateful for every single moment of it.