Night School

This guy in my “Digital Media and Society” class insists on sitting next to me, and always wants to see my notes. Apparently, he’s an accounting major, and he suspects I could probably teach this course myself.

He is definitely rocking the normcore” look. Must be a hipster.

I dropped the#NetflixandChill hashtag on him, but I fear I revealed my digital smarts too quickly.

It only confused him.

PS – About the class, sooooo I was the first to post to the online discussion this week, and here I thought I kept things pretty simple about the evolution of mass media markets and evolving technology, didn’t ramble, cited a few sources, sprinkled in some humor, and applied it to every day life, but Martin was like, “Dang it, Julie! STOP. Stop. You are making it worse for the rest of us.” Noted. Now I wait until others post, and then I chime in with a “Very good discussion points. I see your point very clearly. Nice work!”