A Night on the Town

We ran away from the circus and headed to the coast for a dinner by the sea.

Being off the mountain and in a city means being connected to consistent Internet again…and catching up on news.

Reading up about the attack in Turkey now while sitting in an Italian restaurant decorated with Jewish and Catholic art, being served by a Muslim, surrounded by tourists from all over the world.

Sicily is truly a melting pot of people and cultures.

If we allowed fear to guide us, my kids would not know this place.

In lighter news,  I bought this dress a year ago, but never felt it was meant for Germany.

The city we visited this evening used to be the only source of electricity for the whole island of Sicily. Two towers held up the wires from the mainland, stretched across the Strait of Messina. The towers remain although the wires are now underground.

Also, I ate swordfish for the first time ever this evening.


Earlier in the day, we visited another family member (Tante Bärbel’s husband’s sister’s son) who owns a leather goods business. We visited his workshop where they make leather keychains.