The Documentarian & A Visit to Pompei

Exporting my photos to make some camera space, and found this one in a series taken during our first stop near Lake Como.

She used my phone to document various rooms and decor in the house we were visiting, to include this hall mirror.

I’m so glad these kiddos inherited the need to document!

We explored the ruins of Pompeii today!

These two are listening to the audio guides for us, and shouting out random facts as they hear ’em. They are now our family experts about Roman bath houses and murals.

Of course, Pompeii was known as one of the most, um, erotic cities in Italy. We touched on that topic briefly with the oldest one. She knows the art was deemed too obscene and kept locked up for only those with respectable morals (aka the wealthy) to see.

I am constantly reminding my children how lucky they are to have experiences like this. They won’t really understand until they are older, of course, but they know they are lucky, especially since Mom had to wait until she was *whispering* 35 years old before she got to see Pompeii, too.

One of the beautiful entrances and rooms at Pompeii from earlier today.



Dinner (or lunch, as the Italians say) was this mountain of spaghetti carbonara. Miss C got one, too. Took the whole family to finish ’em.¬†Noodles. Cheese. Bacon. What is there not to love?!¬†There should have been a warning about drowsiness and operating heavy machinery.