Aeolian Islands

Exploring the Aeolian Islands today by boat!

When you are on an island volcano that reeks of sulfer, you order for breakfast the brioche and granita, which is a sweet roll with flavored melted shaved ice (like margarita mix) and cream.

Martin didn’t budget for a yacht, so we chartered a paddleboat with a slide attached for 15€ an hour and paddled out around the bay where the kids got to splash around water so clear we could see the fish and rocks down below.

Swimming with Tante Bärbel in the bay. That’s the active volcano Stromboli in the background.

Another view of the bay. The black sand is soft and fine and hot as hell. It’s been entertaining watching the crazy few (kids and adults) run from their towels to the water with no shoes or flip-flops.

This boy insisted on dragging the roller suitcase all over the island. It made him feel grown up and professional. He didn’t realize his big sister was behind him gently lifting it above all the steps and curbs.

She also snapped this picture.