Friends Forever

Our friend Lia snapped this photo last night after we had dinner with her family. Lia was first my father’s friend through their professional network. When I got assigned to Aviano, she became our friend, as well as my own work colleague as we worked right down the hall from each other. She also stepped up as our “honorary Italian grandma” during my pregnancy with Miss C. She adored our baby girl, and took care of us right up until we left for our next assignment in Washington DC.

So it was really a special treat to be able to visit with her yesterday.

She wrote something so true: “Often we think being friends means seeing each other and always doing things together! Being friends means meeting each other after years and feel like we said good night the day before! Being friends means doing little things to make each other feel good, when ever…..We are friends forever! Love you guys and hope to see you soon again!!”

Until our next visit, Lia!


Every time we pass an abandoned house without a roof, I get excited and exclaim, “Oh, look! That house comes with a skylight and air conditioning!”




Mom jokes.