Best Day Ever for Jaz

We have a 5-year-old in the house!!! That means today is the BEST DAY EVER.

BEST DAY EVER is a birthday tradition in our family. It was first celebrated on Miss C’s fifth birthday. Though we had a birthday party planned for her friends for the weekend, her actual birth date fell in the middle of the week. For some reason, that didn’t sit well with me.

After all, it was her FIFTH birthday.

In kid-speak, that’s a whole hand.

It was the fifth anniversary of what was, for her parents, literally the best day ever. It got me thinking: what would the best day ever be for a five-year-old? It wasn’t too hard to come up with a list: skipping school, getting breakfast at McDonalds, take a trip to the zoo, go see a movie, etc.

So Martin and I took off of work that day, kept Miss C from school, and did all those things — ate ALL the things — she absolutely loved, and decided that day that anyone who turns 5 — or 10, 15, and 20 — in our family gets to experience the BEST DAY EVER.

So Lola got her BEST DAY EVER when she turned five. And then Miss C got another when she turned 10.

And finally — FINALLY — today was Jaz’s first BEST DAY EVER.

Nutella crepes for breakfast!

Birthday gifts after breakfast.

Best day ever means your sisters want to HELP open your new toys, not take them from you.

The birthday boy gets a b-day pin AND a lift from Big Sis while at the zoo!

Best day ever = Mom saying yes to an ice cream request!

Monkeys at the zoo.

Dinner at the pig museum! Yesssss!

Birthday cake for the birthday boy!

He got a quick nap as we drove to the next spot: an indoor water park!!!!

He didn’t even make it upstairs to his bedroom. He curled up on our pull-out couch and fell fast asleep. Pancakes for breakfast…the zoo…ice cream for lunch…dinner at the pig museum…cake (lots of cake!)…an indoor water park with slides and a wave pool…all done with his family, to include two aunts and Grandma from the States…yup.

Best Day Ever.