TBT: Miss C and Me

Today’s #TBT photo is from Sept. 5, 2004, when Martin and I drove up into the mountains near our home in Italy for some family photos. This is one of my most favorite photos of Miss C and me. We had just celebrated her first birthday a few weeks before this photo was taken. Now she’s a teenager. It doesn’t seem possible.

30 Years of Memories

Pulling an all-nighter to compile 30 years of memories into an album for Martin to present to his father’s brother, who last saw Martin when he was six years old. I’m leaving the back half of the album empty with a note that those pages are to be filled with new photos as we make new memories together.

When we confirmed our visit to his uncle, he remarked that he really looks forward to seeing what Martin looks like now. It dawned on me then that he probably doesn’t use the Internet (he has no presence online, which is very common over here in Germany, especially for his generation), and would have no way to learn about Martin and his family. This will make conversation easier between two stoic German men who have a LOT to talk about.

And also … I love that I finally have a great excuse for over-ordering all those school/family portraits each year. Because you never know when you find a long-lost close relative and need to bring ’em up to speed. Photo hoarding is practical.