Photo of a rainbow over our village earlier this year.

Earlier this afternoon, a German mother and her two children knocked on our door holding a bundle of papers. In nearly-perfect English, she said, “These are yours. You lost some mail when your daughter stepped into your car.”

While driving through our village center, I saw my daughter and her friend walking from the bus stop and pulled over to pick them up. As the girls climbed in, my American mail (which gets delivered to a post office box) somehow slid out undetected.

I would have NEVER known them missing. Yet this sweet woman not only saw what happened, but collected the envelopes and walked to our house to deliver them. It’s even more amusing, because our street address is not on our American mail. She knew our car and the kids, though, having seen them around town.

THIS is why I feel safe and at home over here.

I love our community and how everyone looks out for each other!