Merry Christmas 2016

These kids waited until 9 a.m. to wake us up!!! Meanwhile, the boy used that time to get dressed and squared away for the day.

I love these kids so much.

This was the aftermath about five minutes later. 

Just kidding. More like 15 minutes later.

Ha. Ha. Ha. You can tell my oldest niece LOVES my jokes.

That moment when you realize you are holding your very own skateboard!

That’s what she wanted most of all this Christmas. There was a helmet and safety pads in the Frosty bag next to her.

He got the Transformer toy he’s wanted for ages. I got the memory of his face lit up with excitement and joy.

All the kids did very well this Christmas. Even Wynter, who got coloring books and scarves.

And both Martin and Jaz presented me with beautiful pearl jewellery. Apparently, Martin purchased his gift first, and then Jaz picked out nearly an identical set at the Christmas market a few weeks later. According to Martin, when he tried to gently nudge Jaz to pick something different, Jaz insisted it was the only one because it was so perfect for me. And he was right: I love that style, and am glad I have two now from my favorite guys. They know me well!

Best of all, we celebrated Christmas was some hometown goodness: Cincinnati chili! Cincinnati cuisine is taking over the world!!! Or at least, taking over our house for Christmas lunch. Cheese coneys!!!!

After that, we settled in to watch this highly-appropriate movie as we wrapped up the holidays!

“You accidentally made a baby.”

#STORKS don’t deliver babies anymore – they deliver laughs! Get tickets now:

Posted by Storks Movie on Friday, September 30, 2016