Santa Stopped in Germany

For those tracking Santa’s trip around the globe, he delivered in Germany, bringing gifts from the North Pole and from family in the United States! Now get to bed and catch some Zzzzzz’s before he gets to you!


Patches der Hund became a member of our family on Christmas Day seven years ago, and ever since, she’s been a part of our traditions, a keeper of all our secrets. When my daughters and their cousins decided to sleep in the room adjacent to the living room in hopes of catching a glimpse of Santa, she settled down just outside their door.

They think she’ll warn them when Santa arrives, but instead, she lets us know with a lift of her head if someone is stirring on the other side of the door.


Earlier this evening, we took the whole gang (all 10 of us!) to the midnight Christmas service at the 800-year-old church in our village. The music was so diverse! Songs were sung in both German and English, and to my amazement and great relief, all the teenagers in my house enjoyed it. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, too!