Traveling Pair

Apparently, there’s fog in London. Can you imagine that?!

Martin and I escaped to the United Kingdom for a New Years vacation, just the two of us. It got off to a hectic start. We sat out on the flightline in Germany for more than 90 minutes due to a weather delay.

Usually I prefer the window seat, but he switched with me so I could stand in the aisle awhile.

A snapshot of my pre-flight drink while reviewing my safety options! Seat 4A is considered first class on a budget airlines, right?!

We circled London a few times before landing, but once we got on the ground, we hung around inside the plane, waiting for a set of steps so we could exit.

If the car rental line was any indication of British processes, the UK won’t be leaving the EU for a thousand years…

Shout-out to the husband for waiting in that line while I sat it out. At that point, we were 2.5 hours behind schedule.¬†And that was before the agent said, “I’m sorry” to Martin. I couldn’t hear more, but I could tell from his body language that Martin was posturing to negotiate.

I thought that we may end up with a Bentley at a third of the price.

But that wasn’t the case.

We got this tiny Fiat for a steal! Next mission = not losing my shit as Martin drove on the left side of the road from the passenger seat.

As a friend of mine aptly described: “German negotiating with Brits over a POS Italian car following, what I’m guessing, was an Irish flight over Dutch and Belgian airspace. Sounds like a full day.”

It was.


I have to admit, my favorite Carrie Fisher role wasn’t Princess Leia, but her role as Marie Fisher in “When Harry Met Sally.” She was hilarious, and that spontaneous attraction she had with Jess/Bruno Kirby … movie magic! Gonna have to pull that movie up again for another viewing. I’m sorry to hear she passed away.