Escape to Austria

After two exhausting weeks of 12-hour shifts *every* day, I took the family last night and fled to the mountains. This is the view from our bedroom. The sweet older lady who prepared our beds said she was surprised when all six of us and Patches der Hund climbed out of our car. She offered to bring us fresh eggs and homemade bread, too.

The church bells ring every hour. That’s one of my most favorite things about Europe.

Snow bibs! This group is ready for some snow.

Got camera. Will travel.


Once all were properly strapped up and zipped tight, I kissed this crew goodbye and sent them on the lift to go waaaaaaay up the mountain behind them to sled-ride all the way down. Can’t wait to see their pics and video. Meanwhile, Patches der Hund and I are gonna spend the day sleeping, eating, and catching up on homework in complete silence.

Martin sent me some pics from the mountain. This is Wynter with our son sledding down the mountain. It’s 4 kilometers (nearly 2.5 miles) from top to bottom!

Another pic from Martin! I see goulash, schnitzel, wurst, fries, and a vanilla dumpling. Mmmmmmm….

One of the pictures from today on the mountain.


I picked up the crew after they spent the day on the mountain. Every single one of them is tired, hungry, and grumpy. No names, but the oldest one of them all is moaning and limping. I am doing my best to quickly feed and warm them, and THEN I think I will hear all about their awesome day on the slopes.

Hahahahahahahaha! I threw fluffy pajamas and spaghetti at them, and they are starting to speak in coherent sentences again. I expect early bedtime and deep sleep tonight!!!

Thank goodness the Nickelodeon channel is global. Comes in handy when there’s a little boy in the house who is giving it all he’s got to stay awake. I convinced him and Superman to relax and watch some super cheesy kid shows for awhile.