First Shot

This morning, I checked my blood, and then accidentally stabbed my eye with my mascara wand, and then impaled my hand on an open safety pin. Fitting, because today is the first day I get to inject myself with insulin because my pancreas is on strike. I got the Porsche of diabetes equipment, apparently, so it should be pretty easy and fast.

Martin went with me to see how it is done. He doesn’t know yet that I’m gonna make him do it.

(He may be on to me, though, as I’ve slipped and called him Nurse Ratched about three times already…)

The shot itself appears easier than the MOPP nerve-agent injection pens we got in the military, too. No need to bend the needle and hang it from my chest! Continue reading

Back at Home

Wynter sent us this pic while we were on the road. Our garden is beginning to bloom, and he couldn’t wait to show us. We made it home just before bedtime! All three were waiting for us and talking a million words a minute!

Also, shout-out to Wynter for being so awesome with the kids and their routine. You are the bee ‘s knees!

Here We Go Again

If it were possible, I would call my pancreas into a meeting, point at it and snarl, “You’re fired!”

But apparently, it already quit on me, jealous of that attention-seeking temp worker, the placenta.

So, hello, Gestational Diabetes!

We meet once again. T’was more than eight years ago since we last worked together, but oh, I remember. The daily pin-pricks. The re-vamped recipes. The food journal.

Continue reading

Breathe Easy

For the past week, my son and I have both been dealing with a cold that won’t quit … a real test on his asthma and our methods for managing it. (Photo taken during one of his treatments a few days ago.)

Today, he had a doctor’s appointment to get some new meds. Unfortunately, Martin could not join us, which meant I was on my own to communicate in German, to explain and describe what we’ve been experiencing. I was so anxious! Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

After a rough start this morning, I probably had three consecutive meltdowns while trying to find parking this morning. It’s impossible to find parking near my work on a normal day, but someone somehow thought it a GREAT idea to hold a massive bazaar attracting crowds of people in the middle of a construction zone on a work day, making the parking issue SO MUCH WORSE. Continue reading

First Purchase

Ahhh, that sweet satisfaction of making your first big purchase with your own money. He saved everything in his Minion wallet, and was able to buy a big pack of cookies at the American commissary.

Got his own receipt and “new money for my wallet, Mom!”

He was so proud of himself! He didn’t even complain about having to wait until after dinner to open them, and then he offered some up to his sisters on his own.

Finally, A Butterfly

Photo from the thermalbad’s website

I *finally* convinced Martin to go with me tonight to the local mineral spa.

He’d never been to one, and was so reluctant, but I told him swimming would make me feel better, and plus, it stays open late, doesn’t cost much, and NO kids.

And did I mention we all feel so much lighter in water?! Continue reading