Breathe Easy

For the past week, my son and I have both been dealing with a cold that won’t quit … a real test on his asthma and our methods for managing it. (Photo taken during one of his treatments a few days ago.)

Today, he had a doctor’s appointment to get some new meds. Unfortunately, Martin could not join us, which meant I was on my own to communicate in German, to explain and describe what we’ve been experiencing. I was so anxious!

But apparently, I said something right, because now my boy is sleeping soundly, no wheezing, no coughing, no need for the nebulizer. Just peaceful, easy breathing – music to my ears! An issue was he outgrew his usual dosage. I knew he looked taller!

Funny enough, today marks four years since his first asthma attack ever. Martin was away at basic training at the time, too, so that was an experience, to say the least. I’m hoping in another four years time, we can look back and marvel how my son’s outgrown this and I won’t have to stretch my language skills like that again.


We’ve also had a full house this week! Martin’s Tante Bärbel is with us from Sicily, and her sister Tante Mali spent the weekend with us, too. I woke up this morning and discovered they folded all my laundry and were sorting socks on the dining room table. When I protested, they said they got a kick out of using our laundry machines, and shoo’d me away. Later, I got to pick their brains for more genealogy information.