Random Acts of Kindness

After a rough start this morning, I probably had three consecutive meltdowns while trying to find parking this morning. It’s impossible to find parking near my work on a normal day, but someone somehow thought it a GREAT idea to hold a massive bazaar attracting crowds of people in the middle of a construction zone on a work day, making the parking issue SO MUCH WORSE.

After I found a space and waddled uphill into work, I learned a coworker had filled up my water bottle, brought me a GD-friendly homemade lunch, and another offered up his dedicated parking spot while he’s out of town for the next few weeks.

Stablized blood pressure and positive attitude restored.

And yet another random act of kindness came my way later in the day at the post office! The timing was PERFECT. The weather was beautiful today, but I had lots of things twirling all at once needing patience/energy I just wasn’t feeling. This time, a friend sent us Girl Scout cookies. Feeling the love, you guys, on a day when ALL the stress was getting to me. 

These will be frozen until I can devour them with a glass of wine when FestBaby arrives!