Road Trip

Martin forgot his sunglasses, but I found one of the girl’s glasses in my door. Not a perfect fit, but they go with MY outfit, so it works. Also, they just played Falco on the radio. Roadtrip success.

My passenger-picture-thru-the-window does NOT do justice to the gorgeous scenery here in Germany’s wine country. I share it anyway.
Pure energy.
A beautiful day to cross the Rhein River. History nerd tidbit: Patton and his soldiers crossed the Rhein in late March 1945.

Hotel mirrors are usually hung a little too high for me. Not the case here. I did not realize how much space I take up now. My mirrors at home lie to me. Oh, well. Now, putting in a room service order before we’re off to the pool so I can work on my cannonball.

Turns out, we just blew our budget on room service, so now we wait for our food while watching “The Antique Roadshow.” Yes. After 15 years of marriage, we know how to have a good time.

And yes, aren’t my pudgy feet so cute!?